Hell Schmell

I was born in the titanic creation of spacetime and matter-energy themselves.
I was born in the sea of pure energy as it condensed to a slow vibration and began to form leptons.
I was born in forces so massive that many stars at the center of galaxies are crushed and die as supermassive black holes.
I was born in hydrogen atoms, fused together into helium and then bootstrapped up the periodic table to iron, and continued up.
I was born in a billion supernovas, scattered through spacetime – and I flew serene and undisturbed through the great black sea.

The hemoglobin in my blood which lets me use the oxygen in my lungs for ATP synthesis, comes from the fires of supernovas from across the known universe. I am an essential and inseparable part of the cosmos; I am a part of the universe experiencing itself; and I am what happens when you leave enough hydrogen around long enough to ask “Why are we here?”

So, as to any magical threats of hellfire that you may have for me?
Give it your best shot.



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