Pangenitor, Panphage, and Pantheism

For those all who’ve regularly been reading this blog for the past couple years (all zero of you), you’ll know a few things about me. For those who haven’t been following along, well, let me fill you in. And then, once I get that background out of the way, we’re off to the races. (Here we go)

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“Holy Books”, Or: Why Your “Holy” Book, Isn’t.

I’d like to address the claim that an omnipotent, omniscient being, a being that wanted its will to be communicated with perfect clarity and fidelity to all people for all of time, decided to do so by having people grind up pigments in order to stain dead trees and/or animal hides with words.

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A Response to Christians Who Want To Know ‘What To Do’, Now That Gays Have Full Civil Rights

First of all, people who self-identify as Christians in the United States, and who weren’t civil rights supporters in this recent dustup, should recognize that the days of being able to impose their religion on non-consenting adults, are ending. That’s the first thing. The bad old days are finally coming to a close, the tide of history is inexorable, and it is against you. You can live the life you want, but you cannot choose the type of life that others lead, as long as they’re not a proximate cause of harm to another human being. So, I suppose, you should begin to become comfortable with that – it’s not up to you to determine the character of society. Society is an abstraction that we give to the aggregate interactions of an entire population – you do not determine your culture, you participate in it.

liberty and justice for all
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