The Circumpunct And The Saints John

The Circumpunct is bound by the parallel lines of the Saints John, with John the Baptist on the left symbolizing Judgement, and John the Evangelist on the right symbolizing Lovingkindness. That’s a direct parallel with the Pillar of Severity and the Pillar of Mercy on the Tree Of Life.

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Pangenitor, Panphage, and Pantheism

For those all who’ve regularly been reading this blog for the past couple years (all zero of you), you’ll know a few things about me. For those who haven’t been following along, well, let me fill you in. And then, once I get that background out of the way, we’re off to the races. (Here we go)

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On Claims Of Knowledge About The Absolute, Ultimate Ontology Of Reality

I have argued in the past, and I will continue to argue, that gnostic atheism and gnostic theism are both intellectual abortions, and both for exactly the same reason. Both evince the exact systemic epistemic error which needs to be addressed in order for empirical rationalism to function.  The utility of the null hypothesis does not disintegrate under the presupposition of knowledge.

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We Can Have Square Circles, Why Can’t We Have Self-Contradictory Gods?

When criticized for their claims’ lack of falsifiability, apologists often justify their (ab)use of pure reason by claiming that one only needs to find a logical contradiction in order to show that their claim is false. The normal examples trotted out are married bachelors and square circles. Both are fundamentally deceptive, but for different reasons.

Or, TLDR: How intellectually honest is contradiction as a falsification criteria, coming from someone who believes that a person lived who was completely human and completely divine, simultaneously?
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Existence By Necessity

“It is not necessary to ask whether soul and body are one, just as it is not necessary to ask whether the wax and its shape are one, nor generally whether the matter of each thing and that of which it is the matter are one. For even if one and being are spoken of in several ways, what is properly so spoken of is the actuality” -Aristotle


In order for universes to exist, there will have to be the type of laws which allow universes to exist. That is, it is impossible to have a universe, and not have our laws ,or to have our laws and not have universes. The universe and its laws are the same entity, wax and form. Speaking of external causal factors becomes a moot point within a perfectly self continent, eternal whole.

There is no need to posit a First Cause.
There is no need to posit probability.
There is no need to posit tuning.

We have no real need to ask why our universe exists with the traits it does. It couldn’t be any other way.

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