The Circumpunct And The Saints John

The Circumpunct is bound by the parallel lines of the Saints John, with John the Baptist on the left symbolizing Judgement, and John the Evangelist on the right symbolizing Lovingkindness. That’s a direct parallel with the Pillar of Severity and the Pillar of Mercy on the Tree Of Life.

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Pangenitor, Panphage, and Pantheism

For those all who’ve regularly been reading this blog for the past couple years (all zero of you), you’ll know a few things about me. For those who haven’t been following along, well, let me fill you in. And then, once I get that background out of the way, we’re off to the races. (Here we go)

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Assassination, The Height of Just Conduct In War

Simply put, assassination is, by far, the most moral tool in conducting military conflicts between nations

First off, let’s dispense with sugarcoating and linguistic chicanery: the point and purpose of war is to kill people and break things. That destruction may be in the service of any number of strategic goals, but the point of going to war is to bring martial force to bear. For offensive, or defensive reasons, nations unleash martial force when there are people they wish to kill, and/or things they wish to destroy. The fundamental nature of war cannot be avoided.

war never changes

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Losing My Religion

When I was a very young child,  8 years old, I remember going to services at our local Reform temple one evening.  It was a very cold day, and I was running ahead of my family when my mother called out for me to be careful. I told her, secure and confident in the way that only a child can be, that I had nothing to fear since a temple is “God’s house” and of course I couldn’t get hurt there. She reiterated that I had to be careful, and that I could break a bone if I slipped and fell on the ice. That was the first time I truly began to realize that theism didn’t quite add up.

Hail Sagan

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Spinoza’s God

So, I’ve written here, at great length, about the importance of negation, of the null hypothesis,  as a fundamental hypothesis that can only be overturned by carrying the burden of proof. And the null hypothesis’ relationship to belief in deities. (or God, or G-d, or יהוה, or what-have-you). But tonight I was discussing Spinoza and Einstein with someone, and it helped me to crystallize a way that I might share my mind with you… and thereby give you insight into where I’m coming from.

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A Word On The Moral Instinct

An instinct towards fairness is no more supernatural than it is mysterious. We’re an evolutionary relative best fit, and a pack animal. That means that our species requires a certain degree of selfishness, along with a certain degree of altruism. Further, any species that was omnicidal, would be unable to form cohesive social groups in the first place. Empathy serves as the basis for morality, not Quetzalcoatl’s say-so.

What we know of as morality is, in effect, bio-mathematical. The closer a species is to its Nash Equilibrium, the less like it is to play zero-sum games as a rule. And behavioral algorithms that lead to maximal species-fitness, get passed down.